Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Just a few pics from this last week!
 She fell asleep in the weirdest place - under the chair waiting for Grandma + Grandpa to arrive.

 reading books in the car

 I've been wanting to buy a bouquet of flowers from Pike Place Market since we moved here as they are only $5! It never seemed convenient though - I didn't want to carry them around with me while shopping, or they'd have to sit in a hot car etc. So yesterday as we drove through town, Jared dropped me off so I could buy some!

Today was (finally) a car wash day! It has been way too long since we washed it! We even drove to a car wash to get it vacuum. It was pretty disgusting before! It's too bad we did it after all our visitors for the summer had come and gone!!

Thanks to Nels who took a couple photos of us when they were visiting!

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Shelli McCullough said...

You have been SO busy! I cannot believe how many visitors you have had this summer. And the Desk looks FABULOUS by the way!!! I cannot wait to come in September. (Have I told you that yet!?)