Friday, August 3, 2012


I found 3 of these chairs on craigslist for $15 and the vintage in me couldn't resist. Especially since we only have 4 chairs around our dining table and I had been wanting 2 different chairs for the ends or a bench - whichever I found first.

 The original

 At first I wanted to spray the metal white and recover the seats, but after a trial on one of them, I found spraying all the tiny surface was a pain, so was putting the chair back together! The white made it look to shiny and new and I kind of liked the well worn look, so I settled on just recovering the seats. It's just a dark cream natural fabric with white piping (can't see it too well in this photo). I made replace them with something better later - like a vintage pattern. I searched and searched for something but couldn't find anything I liked.

As for the white chair I sprayed, I decided to recover the seat with some vintage chenille blanket and orange piping and put it in Aubrey's room. At least if we need to pull out another chair for entertaining, we can!

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