Thursday, May 17, 2012


I searched online and found the company that made our dollhouse and it's from Vermont. It's nice to see some photos of what the finished house is suppose to look like. It's also nice to see what pieces I'm missing or need.
This is our house but we have an add on 2 rooms on the left.
 I'm missing the porch steps, the chimneys and some trim. Oh - and all the windows and doors!
Everything else came with the house and it took a while to puzzle all the pieces together to see where they go, this photo would have been a huge help a couple days ago!
The price on the house online was $419! I think I got a good deal!

This inside photo is also helpful as now I see that I'm missing all but one room divider! I called the company to see if I could order the individual pieces I was missing and I can. 
Then I went to a dollhouse shop and asked them if they carried the items and they suggested that I just make the room dividers out of foam board (cheap and easy to glue in) - they do it all the time. They also showed me how to make the stairs and other pieces out supplies they sold. 
They were also very helpful in describing how to install the wiring system for lighting.

Today I finished painting the whole exterior (I got rid of the blue), and put up all the gingerbread trim work, two days ago I shingled the roof. I bought a door yesterday and all that's left is to buy windows then put on the front porch on the exterior.
On the inside I have to make all the room dividers which will hopefully be simple as the company I contacted sent me a pdf file of the instructions which included all the room divider dimensions!
Then I have to wire all the rooms and wall paper and finish. I bought scrapbooking paper for wall paper and some flooring. I'll take photos of the exterior when it's completely finished.

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Rachel Kingsley said...

I can't wait to see the finished project! :)