Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Yesterday we hiked to see Twin Falls which is about 30 mins outside of Seattle off the I-90 near North Bend. It was nice to go somewhere close-by and see such beautiful scenery!
It was a mile hike up to see 2 falls with great viewpoints.

 Taking a break for a snack.

 constant breaks of course.

 The payoff

 This is on a bridge that crosses just above the first falls (previous photo).

 The 2nd falls from the bridge.

 pep talk.

she got a little moody and tired by the end of it, but she did walk most of herself and didn't fall asleep (big contrast from last time). We had to chant "ice cream" the whole way back to keep her motivated. We stopped at MacDonalds for a cone on the way home.

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Ali said...

That looks so beautiful! I definitely have added that to my list of things I want to do, thanks for the idea :)