Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I finally have the exterior done! (well, almost - I need to paint the base and maybe add a few steps up to the porch). Making miniature things is very addictive!

 I bought the front door but couldn't justify spending $6-8 for each window plus $20 for the large one! So I found some skinny Popsicle craft sticks and made my own. I'm sure I could have done a more professional job if I used wood glue and clamps - but I'm not that dedicated.
So instead I just used a hot glue gun. I also made the shutters from regular popsicle sticks and mat board. The window flower boxes were also popsicle sticks and I found the smallest fake flowers I could find at the dollar store. They were only white, so I painted some of them.

 The porch was the last big piece to put on. I needed Jared's help to coordinate it and to wood glue and nail the base on.

 What's a porch without a swing? Last night I made the swing (popsicle sticks, tooth picks and a necklace chain) and the window boxes.

 Today I used overhead transparency sheets for the glass of the windows and made this little table out of (you guessed it) popscicle sticks. I had these little wooden pots, so I painted them and added some more flowers and leaves made out of florist tape.

I found my butterfly punch and couldn't resist making a tiny butterfly to perch on the flowers. Can you spot it?

Can you believe I only had to put about $15 worth of supplies into redoing the whole exterior?
The only supplies I bought were: yellow paint, popsicle sticks, flowers and the front door.

Now we're trying to figure out how to wire it and then I can work on the inside.
What color curtains do you think would look best hanging in the windows?
Right now I have a yellow and white stripe, ivory and black stripe, white with black polka dots or an ivory botanical pattern - or none of the above?


j. vorwaller said...

This is SO amazing!!! Seriously, amazing. I would have never guessed that you handmade all of that - it looked like it was all from a kit, and even then, it's impressive to assemble that :) Bravo!

Rachel Kingsley said...

I think you ARE dedicated!!! What a gorgeous house!

Binstead Family said...

Nicely Done.

Julianne said...