Friday, May 11, 2012


My parents came to visit a couple weeks ago and after a few days of shopping in Seattle,  Aubrey and I went with them on a little trip to visit family in the Okanagon, which is in the interior of BC. Jared had to stay here and work but met up with us in Victoria for a friends wedding which I photographed.

It took us all day to get there as we took the scenic route, was delayed in a detour and had to make many stops, but it was nice to be where it was warm enough to wear a t-shirt and sandals. (Although the weather here is starting to shape up now!).

Aubrey and I tagged along as my parents visited a few cousins and we drove by past family farms and houses.

 This is the house and farm my mom grew up on (use to be 350 acres and now has been subdivided).

 Here's her house and garden.

 This was my great-grandparent's house (my mom's dad's parents - I think).

 Driving along the one main road on the Grandview Flats that my mom, grandparents and other family all lived on. Now 3 of her cousins live on this road.

 My mom on the steps of her Elementary school. We were able to go inside and look around.

We stayed at my Aunt & Uncle's house (my mom's sister) which used to be my grandparent's house my whole childhood. While there, my Aunt was teaching her grandson to paint and I said "I"m next"!
So I went and bought a small canvas and some paints and she started me on this painting with acrylics. It's from a photo that I took and had given to her to paint. It will be neat to see her version of it in oils!


Julianne said...

Very cool. That is very awesome that you got to go see all those special places.

Ali said...

I love all the history! I also love your great-grandparents house, so cute with the little porch. What a fun vacation!