Sunday, May 27, 2012


I just remembered I had photos on my iphone as well:
 Here's an example of the decor of the house, we like to call the jungle room.

 While the guys and Lauren went surfing, the women and kids went into town and checked out some stores. We also rented 2 surreys (I think that's what they were called), 2 person bikes. We had to squeeze in a child between the peddlers and 2 little ones on each front.

 Aubrey and Lindsey

 Had to check out the shark store - and that's just what it was, a gift shop of all things sharks.

 Little guy passing our path.

 We visited the Interpretive Center which had a lot of fun exhibits and things to explore about wild life and the history of the area. All the kids left with a sand dollar, a polished stone and lots of coloring papers and sunken ship maps.

duck foot prints

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