Sunday, May 13, 2012


After bringing home my dollhouse furniture from storage in Victoria, I really wanted a dollhouse to put it all in. Aubrey's plastic Fisher Price dollhouse folds up to close which means you have to remove all the furniture to put it away - annoying! So I went on Craigslist and found this dollhouse, it was originally $75 and they had just marked it down to $25! I contacted them and they said that if I wanted it, they would GIVE it to me! I went and looked at it and it came with furniture and everything. Someone had given it them and they never fixed it up like planned and now they wanted to pass it on to someone who would. I couldn't believe they would just give it all away! It was way to big to fit in my car so I asked a friend if they would help me pick it up and we just got it yesterday.

 It needs a lot of work - it came with all the shingles for the roof, some trim for windows, a roof for the front porch and some decorative trim. It also came with a complete wiring system for lighting. It's pretty old though, I hope it still works!

 All the front panels open and the roof swings back. What is shown inside is all the furniture that came with it!

 A little family even came with it.

When we picked it up, I left them a thank you card with $20 inside. They had asked if I would send them a photo of it when it was all fixed up and done - I can't wait to work on it!

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