Sunday, May 27, 2012


Last weekend we went to Ocean Shores, where we met up with Brent, Tracey + family as well as the Binsteads. It's only 3 hours from our place. It's a small ocean town on a pan handle on the west coastline of Washington. We all rented a house together - it accommodated 14 people! It worked great even though it was outdated and had some quirky things.

It had 3 bedrooms, living room and bathroom on the main floor with 1 bedroom, bath, kitchen and living room upstairs. It also had a hot tub on the side as well as a washer and dryer. It was a short walk to the beach as well.

 Conner was kind enough to carry her or give her a piggy back ride so she didn't have to walk in the sand!

 For some reason she'll sit on the sand but not walk on it.

 or this is what happens.

 Kaylee + Jordan warmed her up to having sand on her by slowly burying her feet.

 This is a rare sight without any crying!

Then she started to love it.

 She even walked in it!!! Amazing!

 That night we went to the beach near our house and the weather was nice and the pelicans were everywhere. We never saw them again after this.

 The next day wasn't as sunny, but still fairly warm. We headed to the main beach in town where you could drive on the beach. Tracey + Yra went for an hour horse back ride tour and Aubrey and some of the other kids got a 5 min. horse ride. I was surprised she event did it, but she loves horses sooo much and I think that overpowered her fear.

 You can see her excitement here.

 Her sand fears are over and she freely runs in the sand the rest of the time.

 She wasn't so sure about the water though.

 but with a little help, she tries it.


Julianne said...

Wow what a fun trip! I am so impressed she went horse back riding. She is getting so big!

Shelli McCullough said...

Looks like so much fun. Wish we could have been there. Great pictures!

Shannon Wight said...

you guys should come! We want to go back in the summer for a weekend when it's a bit warmer and maybe camp so it's cheaper!