Friday, February 3, 2012


I took some family photos for a friend here in Seattle in exchange for a custom painting and she brought it to me today! I told her I wanted an abstract skyline of Seattle (or a non-specific city) and this is what she created. It's actually exactly what I was picturing in my mind! I like that it doesn't have the space needle in it - now it can be any city we may have traveled too.  I love the glitter in it that shines in different places from different locations in the room. The drips remind me of the rainfall here in Seattle and will always remind me of living here. Thank you Jenny!

If you want to see more of her artwork, visit her site: Jenny Vorwaller!


Shelli McCullough said...

That is beautiful!
(and I love your new header!!!)

Shannon Wight said...

Thanks Shelli!

Ali said...

What a great painting, Jenny is so talented! It looks great above your bed.

Also, I love your new blog as well!