Tuesday, February 21, 2012


 It seems as though she takes after her dad.

 I can always count on one good weird face when taking photos of her!

 We tried making toilet paper tube owls today - well, I did. Aubrey wasn't so interested, but she did like mine.

She was happier drawing. She's getting a lot better at drawing people, adding a few more details here and there.
She drew these people today on the chalkboard.
I like how "daddy" has one long hair coming out of his head. I asked her if it was Rapunzel but she insisted it was daddy.


Shelli McCullough said...

Just like Emma, she is a lefty too (is that a derogatory term? We don't say righty, do we.)

I LOVE the chalk drawing - way too cute!

Sanderson Five said...

Lexa is a Lefty too - and we have NO idea where she got it from. No one on either side of our immediate families is left. A mystery ;-)
Her drawing is sure superior for her age. I have children in my grade 1 classes that are still drawing like that! Way to go Aubrey!!!!