Friday, February 17, 2012


Last weekend the three of us went to the Flower + Garden Show at the Convention Center as Jared was given three tickets. We weren't entirely sure if we were interested in going as although we like flowers and landscape design - we don't have a yard right now. We decided to go one evening after Jared got off work and it was a more enjoyable time then anticipated!
 There were so many interesting landscaped settings

 and of course a VW van chicken coop!
 This France scene makes me want to travel!

 I love this wall planter! It's great how they are individual sections and can be arranged in any order. 
I would love this on the wall on my balcony!

 There were so many different orchids.

 There was this one small display of all types of terrariums and they were so pretty.
I think I'm going to have to make one soon for my dining table.

 There was a children's section where they could dig up veggies and plant flowers.
This owl board was so cute too.

 There was a little kitchen area where they could make their own mud pies.

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