Friday, February 24, 2012


Aubrey has had a cold for the last few days and we've been stuck inside trying to come up with things to do. We have painted, played ping pong and memory game and while she crafted I sat and did a few crafts of my own that I had been meaning to do. They were so simple, but it seems like more simple to task, the more I put off doing it. Maybe I think it won't take long, so I could do that anytime.
 I came across this tutorial on personalizing mugs like those at Anthropology, so I gave it my try.

 All you need are some mugs (we had some that came with our dish set, we don't use them all that often so if this didn't work, it wasn't a big deal), some carbon paper or a dark pencil to make your own, a permanent fine marker suitable for porcelain/ceramic and some letters to trace.
I printed off some letters and traced those.

 Once I transferred the letter onto the mug traced over it with the marker and filled it in.

I had also seen a dishtowel with this measurement conversion on it (online) and that I need something like that in my kitchen, so I just typed it up and printed it off to fit in this little Ikea frame I have sitting above my kitchen sink.

A month or so ago I finally got some storage boxes (because I didn't already have enough Ikea stuff in my house!) and organized all my crafts and stuff. I had these big empty shelves that seemed to be hard to find boxes that were the right size to utilize the space properly. I had to settle on smaller boxes then I wanted, but it has been probably better as things don't get lost and tangled in one big box. I have a spot for everything.

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Ali said...

Good job on getting some crafts done. I love how the mugs turned out and love the measurement conversion chart! I really need something like that as I am always googling those kinds of things when I'm cooking. Hope Aubrey feels better soon!