Monday, February 20, 2012


 Well, ballet started out good and didn't end so well. 

She went the first couple times just fine, but Jared had to take her the 3rd time and she wouldn't go in the class at all. Then the next week, I took her and she wouldn't go in again. Then I found out it was the last class as the following week was a holiday! I was annoyed because the class is for 5 classes, not 4 and I paid full price. I was also annoyed because no one called to tell me this ahead of time so I didn't know it was her last class, therefore didn't bring my camera as it's the only class the adults can watch and take photos. The teacher let me come in with her and she sat and watched with me until she was ready to join them. The teacher was good, but not very patient, especially with the parents and not very personable. The parents were only able to come in for the last 5 minutes or less so Jared came back and we got to watch. These are the few photos I could quickly take on my phone.

Aubrey is the only one with leg warmers, if that helps you pick her out!
She's on the right side and hidden most of the time!

 I tried to switch to video and then she saw us and came running over right away. Oh well!

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