Saturday, February 4, 2012


Today started with a play date with two sweet little girls who came over and played. Then after lunch we tried to find a beach to play on as it was really sunny and warm. 
This has to be the worst thing about Seattle! There are so few sunny days that when we get one, every single beach is bombarded and parking is IMPOSSIBLE!
There are so only so many beaches in the downtown area so it's so easy for them to fill up fast.
I drove to the closest beach to our house and I couldn't find parking, so we went to the next one (and probably the most popular one) and it was like a summer day with kids playing in the sand and water, building sand castles etc. - it's still February people!
By this time, Aubrey fell asleep so I drove to a further one that I thought might be less busy and give her some time to have a sufficient cat nap.

I really like this park. It has a play and picnic area, lots of walking trails and then has a bridge up and over the train tracks to the beach. All the kids on the bridge are so excited to see the train go underneath them and the trains usually blow their horn at them.
 My favourite photo from the day.

On our way home the sun was setting so we kept driving up the hill from our house to this great park with an awesome view. It's a great place to see Mt. Rainier on a clear day. (Bad iphone photo, but you get the point).

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Ali said...

What a fun day! You were able to get some great pictures. I will agree about people freaking out when the sun comes out. Everywhere gets super packed!