Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Shopping

Well, I woke up at 6am so I could run down the street to Urban Outfitters before we all hopped in the car to Southcenter Mall to do the real shopping. Friends of ours from Victoria (Jared's old coworkers) happened to be visiting Seattle for a few days so we went shopping with them. I bought the above little owl night light lamp (I might paint it) for $5 and the retro little alarm clock for $5 as well. As you can see most of the cloths are for Aubrey. She has recently grown out of all her pants except for 2 pairs so I went a little crazy and bought 5 pairs! They'll last a long time though as they are on the longer side and have the adjustable waste bands. None of them were more than $8 and 2 of them were $4! 3 pairs of pajamas (much needed), some long sleeve shirts, leggings and the cutest jacket for $12!
I bought a vest ($7.50), 2 long sleeve shirts and a pair of jeans ($10) from Target and they all fit without trying anything on...I wasn't about to wait in a fitting room line! Actually the lines went really fast and we were out of there in no time. We also bought 3 DVDs - Toy Story 3, James and the Giant Peach and Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Jared hasn't done any shopping...yet. He watched Aubrey the whole time mostly in the kids play area. He was hoping to go to REI tonight but yesterday he forgot to fill a sick call and working part of their shift now (from 4-6pm), so hopefully he can still get some shopping in!

Our movers called today to say they were 30 mins away from our apartment, so Jared took Aubrey to meet them while I stayed with our friends to shop. All our stuff arrived safe and sound (well, we haven't unpacked to check yet). I immediately opened Aubrey's box of clothes and pulled out her winter jacket (which I think is still too big!).
Tomorrow will be full of unpacking!

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leardonsbelle said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Black Friday. You got some great deals. I am also glad that all of your things arrived safe and sound!