Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Shopping

Yesterday and today I was fortunate enough to get Aubrey to sleep while walking in her stroller so I wasn't stuck in the hotel in the dark and quiet for 3 hours.!
Yesterday I got back from seeing houses around 12:30 and tried to get her to sleep but it wouldn't work so I went out for a walk downtown and she crashed. I put a blanket over the stroller and did some shopping. Prior to this she has been impossible to take shopping - grocery or other. She won't sit in carts or stay in a stroller, she wants to walk and be free and get into everything. She's definitely in her "terrible two's" and is trantruming etc. So this was a pleasant surprise to be able to do something I wanted to do, and in peace and quiet!
Today we went to a park and played then went and saw a rental (it was terrible like most of the others) and then headed to the mall. It took a while but she finally fell asleep and I was able to do some more shopping. Yesterday she slept for 2 hours and today only 1.5 hours. (Normally she sleeps 3, but I'll take it!).

Anyways, here are a few finds. I got it all at Ross - like winners but cheaper.
Jacket: $30
Boots: $20
Shoes: $12
Grey shirt: $10
Black shirt with lace $10
Not too shabby.


Justin and Rachel said...

I'm SO uber-jealous, but in a happy way!! Shopping is my favourite thing in the world, especially in Seattle!! Enjoy!!!! :) (ps - Lauren is at the exact same stage, making her a terrible shopper)

Shelli said...

I simply will not be able to read your blog anymore! (okay I guess I will) That is too much fun! I am mourning the fact that I can't come and share in the spoils.

Shannon & Jared said...

well, just let me know what you want for Christmas!