Thursday, November 18, 2010

I got my material in the mail today!

That was fast shipping! I got the owl and polka dot material and my vintage stripes and floral both in the mail today. They are just enough for some pillow cases. The polka dot orange one is brighter then in the image so I might just use it in the living room as it matches the dining room wall!

I finally found what I want to do in our bedroom. Our old bedroom had one dark brown wall (like our current living room) and the rest of the walls were a beige colour. Our headboard was a pea green that matched our curtains. Then new bedroom will be similar but an emphasis on blue than the solid brown or green.
I want this bedding from Linen n things and I love the whole room, so I bought a similar blue paint for the headboard wall and a really pail blue for the rest of the walls. I'll reuse my green curtains. I also want to make an upholstered headboard eventually, maybe a green. I wanted it something similar to this:

Our last bedroom furniture set was from Ikea and the cheapest one there and it lasted us 9 years. We gave it away before we moved planning on buying a new one, hoping it would last us for another 9 years - we'll see. The above is a 2 drawer dresser we'll each use as night stands.
And we'll each get one of these dressers as they're on the smaller size and but them side by side for a long bench of dressers.

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