Saturday, November 27, 2010


Aubrey kept busy today while we unpacked by unpacking a box of toys, and boy did she empty it...then she fell asleep on it. She didn't nap all day, we tried to get her to sleep in her new bed but she was just too excited with all her old toys around her and boxes, it was like Christmas. So it was about 5pm when she we checked on her and found her crashed on top of all her books and toys. We moved her to her bed a little while after but had to wake her up to go home. We came back to the hotel and ate dinner and then took a walk around downtown to see all the Christmas lights, I'll post those photos tomorrow.

Aubrey's new coat.
(Sorry they are terrible photos from my phone!)

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leardonsbelle said...

What great photos and great memories! I'm glad that things are going so well.