Thursday, November 11, 2010

Playing with Paint (again)

So I've been trying to frantically pick paint colours for our apartment because they are coming to carpet the place next weekend and we want to paint before that happens. I first picked a dark teal colour because I thought blues would work well with the brown carpet but it felt too safe, so now I'm back to my original colour choice: orange! I was too scared to do it, but now that I can see what it would look like in this photo I like it. It's a small wall, so I don't think it will be too scary.
I still like brown and think it will go with the orange.
I have a Florence, Italy photo I took on canvas which is a panoramic to put over the fireplace that has bright orange, greens and browns in it that I think will tie it all together.
Now it's just a matter of finding the right shade of orange! Any suggestions out there? Do you know of an orange that you've seen in person that looks like what I'm looking for??

I have a huge list of things to buy from Ikea but we'll have to start with only a few things, can't do it all at once! Once we have our new carpet we will buy a new bed for Aubrey, a couch and a dresser for our room. We will be without a few things, but I think we can manage for a little while. We are going to use our patio table and chairs inside as our dining set for the meantime!

PS. Any suggestions on what to do with the 2 sets of corner windows - window coverings etc?
Especially in the dining room where a curtain would be in the middle of the wall behind a hutch??

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