Saturday, November 13, 2010

A full day

Day two of painting. Yesterday naptime didn't happen until 4pm and lasted until 7pm! She never went to bed until 10pm and today isn't much different except she napped from 3 until 7! She's in bed just now and I hope she'll go straight to sleep!
Locking her in her room with a baby gate isn't working, she does not like being confined. She has been pretty good at not getting into to stuff though, except for a brief rub against the newly painted wall - but it was just primer on a white shirt.
Tonight I went back to the apartment after her nap and dinner and put the last coat of orange on the wall. It's bright. I'm glad it's a small wall. It will look a little more balanced next to cream and dark brown though. Right now it's very bright next to all white walls!
The photo above was taken last night with one coat to go.

I found this little nightstand on craigslist last night for $15 and I went and picked it up today. it's solid wood and I think will look really cute painted white/cream to go in Aubrey's bedroom. I really like the little shutter doors and I want to find some cute glass or painted knobs from a flea market or vintage store. There are so many vintage stores (and flee markets in the summer) here and I can't wait to go look through them all. Plus there's a really large Value Village and Goodwill close by.

I have to say how much I love Fred Meyers! There are no close Walmarts to downtown Seattle, but there are Targets and Fred Meyers. We have a Fred Meyers about 5 mins for our new place and it's great. It has a full grocery (better then Walmart), home section, hardware, clothing and shoes, plus they have a kids play area that is gated and supervised. You can drop your child off to play for up to an hour for free! They have a tv and lots of toys and playhouses and Aubrey loved it and didn't want to leave! They give the child and the parent matching ID bracelets for safety.
It's like Ikea but you don't have to be 3 years old and potty trained! It came in handy when Jared and I were picking out paint colours and paint and supplies the other night!

I'm still not sure what to paint our room and Aubrey's room but we can wait a few days to decide that. We have to paint the living/dining and hallways before this weekend as the flooring guys are putting in the new carpet on Saturday and we'd like to get it done before then. I asked the landlord if we could not carpet the dining area and leave the wood floors beneath, exposed. Today he came by and ripped up the carpet to check out the condition of the floors. They are fine but there are a few large dark spots and the underlay was wet which might have been from the carpet cleaning that was just done. We'll dry it out and see if some buffing and varnishing will restore it. It would be so nice to not have new carpet under the eating area! The landlord has been great about being open to our suggestions. He has a storage room right below us full of tools and supplies for us to use for paint etc.

I'm thinking about painting one wall in our room a dark teal colour and the rest of the walls the same cream as the living areas. Look at the linens I got for Aubrey's room a few posts earlier and let me know what I should paint her room. I was just going to do it cream. Maybe I'll wallpaper her closet doors or something instead of painting a colour.

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