Saturday, November 6, 2010

We found a place!

Well, after a last minute check on the computer this evening a new place came up for rent so I called and within the hour we went and saw it and signed an application.
Here's the link:

It's in the area and ward we wanted and it's just a block away from a great playground and a 15 min walk to a little village and shopping and an even bigger playground as well as a community center where they have some toddler activities and an outdoor swimming/wading pool.

The place is the best we've seen so far (within our budget anyways). The bedrooms are large and the closets are large. The living space is a great size and it's the largest kitchen we've seen. It's not super new but it might be the newest we've seen too. It has lots of cupboard space which we need, along with an extra outside entrance straight into the kitchen.
It has a balcony the whole width of the apartment (about 30ft) so it should be large enough for our BBQ and our furniture. We can even keep the kayaks on it. We were concerned about actually finding a place to keep them. It also comes with a storage locker for all our Christmas and camping gear. There are a couple small common yard areas but are quite nice and might be useful for taking photos in. There are 2 pretty steep stairways up to our unit, but that's the only sacrifice - that and there isn't any laundry in the unit, but in the building. It's a triplex, so there's only 3 units so it shouldn't be too bad. At least I don't have to go to a laundromat. The triplex is 3 floors with parking and storage on the ground level, then one unit is the whole 2nd level and our unit and the 3rd unit splits the top floor with all the entrances on the outside.

The landlord gave us this month free so we are going to get the key tomorrow and then we can go and paint or do whatever we want in the meantime. It takes about 10 days for the moving company to move our stuff, so we won't move until it can get here.

We were worried about passing an application as they do a credit check etc. and our credit doesn't transfer from Canada to here. But no credit is better then bad credit. The fact that we own a house and have good credit seemed good enough to this landlord. He said ultimately he has to know if the tenants will be good tenants and he was happy with us as his tenants and offered to give us the keys right I guess that means we're accepted??

We'll finalize everything tomorrow after church and then we'll be off to visit our friends who live an hour south of here!


leardonsbelle said...

Congratulations! The place sounds fantastic! I'm so happy you found somewhere!

Julianne said...

Congrats! that sounds perfect!