Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fun at Value Village

As I was driving around to look at rentals yesterday I came across a Value Village, so of course I had to stop. It might have been the cleanest VV I'd ever been in!
I bought Aubrey a few more small books as we've exhausted her small collection that we brought with us. I found a cloth book that I've been looking for to use on Sundays. It has zipper, snap, shoe tying, buckle and velcro activities. I also found her a fisher price doll house. She played with it there forever even though there was no furniture in it! The kitchen has a built in oven and fridge with doors that she loved playing with. I had wanted to get one but they are so expensive and thought I'd wait. I finally found the price tag on it and it was $6.99 so I had to buy it!
It folds up pretty good and is in good condition, just needs a soak in the bathtub!

On another note, we are loving our iphones! They are expensive but worth it!
Last night I downloaded a free LDS app that contains all the scriptures, all church magazines, all the hymns and all the videos of conference and everything in text, video and audio. I think it's pretty amazing to have all that with you on your phone. I don't have to add heavy books to my diaper bag on sundays anymore! And I'll always have some reading material on the go.


Julianne said...

Fantastic! Shannon you have the gift of finding the best stuff at Value Village. Well done

leardonsbelle said...

What great finds! Good luck finding a place to live!

Christina said...

I love you through and through is one of my favourite kids books!