Monday, November 22, 2010

Photo Update

New carpet, so much nicer!

I just have one more wall to add a 2nd coat of paint to and then I'm done for now! I ran out of paint! I want to paint the kitchen but it doesn't have to be done right now and I'm not sure what colour to paint it, so it will have to wait. Aubrey finally fell asleep here today around 3pm until 6pm, so we had a late night! I made a bed of blankets and put it in the right corner next to the fireplace and she eventually fell asleep.

On another note, it finally snowed here today, on and off all day long. We have maybe 1-2 inches. I drove to the apartment this morning when the roads were clear and waited until Jared was off work so he could come and drive us home around 6pm. The roads were icier but the drive was pretty flat and it was no problem. People are sliding all over the roads tonight which poses problems here at the hotel for staff to come in for their night shifts so Jared has to start at 3 am to cover part of the night shift. People are leaving their cars on the I-5 and walking to hotels for the night. They had lots of people walking in off the street here tonight - people just don't want to drive anywhere and are staying put.

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leardonsbelle said...

Its snowing here too! Love the paint colours. I would never have thought of doing it that way. It is awesome. Wish you were closer to help me. :) Good luck with the weather and moving into your apartment.