Sunday, April 26, 2009

Great-Grandma Winnie

Trip to Seattle

Thursday afternoon we caught the 3pm ferry to Vancouver where we stopped at IKEA for some shopping and meatballs. We stayed overnight at Andrew & Janelle's place (Jared's brother) at UBC. Friday morning we headed straight to Seattle for Jared's cousin's wedding at the Seattle Temple. I took their photos while Jared took a nap with Aubrey in the car. We then went to the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, downtown Seattle. We had to find an Outback Steakhouse because we had to try the "blooming onion" that they are famous for - which is a huge onion, carefully cut so that when breaded and fried, individual pieces were the right size for plucking, dipping and eating. It was quite good but the rest of the food was just ok. We then went back to the hotel to give Aubrey a bath and get her to bed. They had a little crib for her and a travel pack of baby shampoo, soap, oil etc. She travelled really well, but was constipated and that became a struggle on our last day! Saturday morning we headed to the ferries to pick up Nicole and then we all went to visit their Grandma in Langely. Our directions were wrong and we got quite lost, be eventually got their for a quick visit before we had to head to the wedding reception in Burnaby. She lives right across the #1 Highway from the Temple, so we drove by it to take a look at it. It has all the walls up but not quite complete on the outside, really nice stained glass windows. We then got stuck in traffic heading to burnaby and showed up at the reception 20 mins late. Aubrey was quite fussy by now, so Jared had to take her for a drive to get her to sleep. I brought him out a plate of food and then we had to leave at 7pm to catch the last ferry home. All in all it was a good trip - Aubrey was great eventhough she is teething (second tooth is just about to break through), constipated and over-tired!