Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just Playing

We were playing outside last night and before Jared emptied out the swimming pool Aubrey was leaning on the edge splashing with her hands and got a little close and got herself all wet.

More Hummingbirds!

Hummingbirds really seem to like our little plum tree (which has maybe 2 yellow plums on it) and I managed to get this photo of two of them together. My camera wouldn't auto-focus on them so I had to quickly change it to manual focus and this was all I managed to get of them before they flew off - it's a little out of focus.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I'll miss the Superstore!

I woke up this morning thinking about the Superstore and how I won't be able to get any cute clothes for Aubrey from there. There is definitely good shopping in Seattle, but Superstore has cute stuff for a great price (a lot cuter then Target) so I had to do a last minute winter shopping for Aubrey and found some cute things. I bought her this little hat that I think she's pretty cute in!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Reunion

Here's a link to the family reunion photos, there were too many to put up here. Sorry there aren't more of everyone, I didn't feel like taking photos!

Photo Gallery: Click Here

Dragon Fly

On our way home from our family reunion in Qualicum Beach (post more about it later) I stopped in Chemainus to take some family photos and I finally got a photo of the black & white (or blue?) dragon fly that we kept seeing the whole week. I've never seen them before!


I'm so excited to get to go shopping for new furniture in Seattle!
It seems that the extra cost of moving our furniture and storing it versus buying new stuff means we might be buying new furniture! All of our stuff is inexpensive and falling apart. Can you believe our Ikea bedroom set has lasted almost 9 years, and I think it might be the cheapest one they make...time for a new one! We are looking at leaving most of it behind and renting our place furnished. We'll keep our large mirrors, our leather chair, TV and all the small things, but everything else is staying and I couldn't be happier :)

The best thing ever!

I have to credit this to my sis-in-law Ali. She used Island Farms 2% yogurt: lemon (meringue?) kind layered with graham cracker crumbs to make Popsicle and they are the best ever!
I don't know why I've never thought to use yogurt before (most of you probably already have) but I thought the ripple of graham cracker crumbs was awesome and made for the complete pie taste!
I can't wait to be in the states and be able to buy the banana cream and coconut cream yogurts (I can't seem to find here) for this!

We're Moving!

I guess most people know but I haven't actually blogged about it...we're moving to Seattle in approx. 2 weeks! Jared will be the new Assistant Front Office Manager at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel downtown Seattle. We will be living in the hotel for a month or until we find a place to rent.
Meanwhile we are stilling looking for someone to rent our place, so far we have a couple promising prospects. Now I just have to finish sorting through a few closets and purging what we don't want to move. The company is packing us up and moving for us but up to a limit so we might have to pack some non-breakable stuff ourselves and let them pack (insure) the breakable stuff. They can't pack us up and move our stuff to storage in Seattle until we have crossed the border and received our work Visa's which means we'll probably have to hire someone to clean our place as we won't be here! Jared's start date is August 9th but we're still waiting on the Visa's which are waiting on our passports getting renewed. We just found out last Tuesday that we should renew them as there is only one year left on them and that they won't give us the Visa's for 3 years unless we have passports that cover that time (makes sense). But Jared was leaving the next day for a Venture's camp so we rushed around getting new photos (you should see Aubrey's!), getting forms signed etc. But because Jared wasn't there in person we couldn't put a rush on them and had to settle for 2 weeks which puts us at August 4th - so our move date might be pushed back a little! We might have to live at the Empress for a week or so if new renters want to move in while we're still here!
It's impossible to keep the house clean and ready to show people with Aubrey as busy as she is. I normally clean up at the end of the day, now I clean up once she's down for a nap or earlier and constantly after her if people are coming over. It's also hard to keep her out of all our piles of stuff to get rid of!

Well, that's the story so far!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Catching up from photos off our little camera

reading on her favourite pillow in her tent

always putting everyone's shoes on!

the linen closet was left partially open, she saw this sticking out and who'd like an owl because that's what she thought it was!

This is what happens when Jared dresses her.