Friday, August 31, 2012


When I was searching for a photo to have printed for above our bed, I came across these two photos I took from our Europe trip (so long ago!). They were both discarded photos I hadn't paid much attention to. It's funny what new life you can breath into a photo with different editing skills. I edited these two photos in a much different way then when I first took them and I almost passed them by because of it!


Out of pure cheapness I've decided to make fairy wings for Aubrey's 4th birthday party. Yes, I've already started planning. I'm just preparing myself ahead of time so that if we happen to be moving close to her birthday, I'm not packing instead of prepping for her party!

They are so easy to make and I think will be a great party favor!

 missing from the list: elastic

Take a rectangle of felt and wrap it around the center to cover the wrapped waist band and glue.

Now you can decorate the wings however you like. I used gold glitter paint to outline and add swirls. 
I wanted to add something to the center so I took a gold flower elastic headband and just tied it around the center to add a flower detail. Then when the girls take it home they can just take off the flower headband and use it.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I was given a gift certificate to Papercoterie and I chose to get a photo printed - it's actually printed on adhesive fabric so it just sticks to your wall and is removable and re positionable! I had a hard time picking a photo. I came across 2 from my Europe photos that I would love to print large, but neither of them quite fit with our bedroom, so I chose this sepia tone photo I just took of Aubrey at a close-by park here in Seattle. I pulled out the beautiful painting that my friend Jenny painted for me and put it in our dining area. It was hiding away in our messy storage bedroom so I decided to bring it out where it could be appreciated and seen!

 It's a little small for the space but it was the largest they offered.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Just a few pics from this last week!
 She fell asleep in the weirdest place - under the chair waiting for Grandma + Grandpa to arrive.

 reading books in the car

 I've been wanting to buy a bouquet of flowers from Pike Place Market since we moved here as they are only $5! It never seemed convenient though - I didn't want to carry them around with me while shopping, or they'd have to sit in a hot car etc. So yesterday as we drove through town, Jared dropped me off so I could buy some!

Today was (finally) a car wash day! It has been way too long since we washed it! We even drove to a car wash to get it vacuum. It was pretty disgusting before! It's too bad we did it after all our visitors for the summer had come and gone!!

Thanks to Nels who took a couple photos of us when they were visiting!


We started out yesterday with a visit to the Washington Park Arboretum, we hadn't been there before.

Then we went to nearby Volunteer Park so Aubrey could play in the wading pool and park

 We were then going to visit the conservatory to see all the flowers but I forgot it was closed on Mondays! Instead we just walked around the park and headed toward the water tower.

A lady who feeds the fish, let Aubrey have a turn - she was pretty excited!

Then we climbed the water tower

We did get to see some Dahlias in the outside garden and they were so pretty!

After dinner we walked up the hill to another park to tire Aubrey out before bed - it still took her an hour to fall asleep!
Grandma + Grandpa left this morning.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Grandma + Grandpa McCullough came to visit on Friday and are here until Tuesday. Today we went for a walk in Discovery Park to the lighthouse.
 We stopped for a little "treasure hunting" (geocaching) on the way.

Aubrey had a little dance while we waited for Jared to walk back to the car and pick us up!