Saturday, June 20, 2009

quiet moments

Aubrey FINALLY rolled over and no one saw it!

I put Aubrey in her crib this morning so I could make her breakfast and she started fussing and screeching, so I went in to her room and found her on her stomach with her arms down by her sides like a seal. I guess she rolled over and couldn't get her arms underneath her or roll back. Hopefully it didn't traumatize her and she will try it again!

The above photos was taken directly after she pushed away that yellow thing and it came back and smacked her in the head!

Friday, June 12, 2009

What's New?


I haven't made any new scrapbook pages recently, but I guess I can still write something!
Jared turned 30 last month, he celebrated by going paintballing followed with a BBQ party at our place. We are getting the yard ready for Jared's brother Dave and his fiance Ali who will be getting married mid July and are having the reception in the backyard. We planted a vegetable garden which sprung up very fast. I have a shade garden that needs to be weeded, soil added, plants added and then some mulch - it's not happening very fast though! I'm almost done weeding the front flower beds - evening is the best time, not so hot and Aubrey is in bed. A section of our driveway has to be jack-hammered up and re-poured so it slopes away from the house and all this by mid July!
Aubrey is getting louder! She squeals all the time now (mostly if she's tired or hungry). I think she's getting another tooth, but it's towards the back side of her mouth - she couldn't be getting a molar already could she? She is liking solid foods. She's tried carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, yellow wax beans, green wax beans, peas, and she likes them all just about the same. I tried giving her chicken the other day and had to mix it with some squash to thin out the texture, she gets it down, but doesnt' enjoy it. She's been spitting up a bit since she started it, and I think I'll lay off of it for a while. She's actually stopped spitting up so much now that she's learned to eat. She makes little sighing noises with every spoonful that she takes.
She's so close to rolling over and gets pretty much on her chest, except for that one arm she just can't seem to get out of the way.
If she's in her exersaucer or on the ground and we put our arms out to her to pick her up, she now puts her arms up towards us, she just started doing that the other day.

We borrowed a 12ft inflatable pool from Jared's dad and it will just fit in our arbour in the backyard, so I'm excited to set it up and let her play in the water. Anyone who wants to come over to play in it on a hot day - just call!
Well, that's about all I can think of for now. I do have some more scrapbook pages to come - when I get time, so stay tuned!