Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Aubrey has been having some tooth pain lately and we had taken her to the dentist when it first started. She told them which tooth hurt, they took x-Rays and said there was a tiny cavity starting and sent us away. Little did we know that the pain was actually from a tooth directly above that tooth. They didn't bother to look at any surrounding teeth. So after another week of pain we took her back and found out she had a huge cavity in the top neglected tooth. They referred us to a pediatric dentist and she had to go in to have the tooth removed. 

This dentist was a lot better experience even though it was under not so good circumstances. They had to give her laughing gas (above) so they could freeze her gums. They had to put a silver spacer where the tooth was so that the hole would not fill in as her adult tooth isn't due to come in for a couple years. 

She's been a good sport about it all and I think she's just happy the pain has stopped. 

She even was playing dentist on Jared that night. 

And last night she put her tooth along with a note saying: tooth ferry, can you get a picture of you and give it to me?

No picture was left but she did leave $2!

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Yesterday was our 13th anniversary and we went to 9 hour benefit concert for the Bridge School which was started by Neil & Peggy Young. It was at an outdoor amphitheater and we brought lawn chairs and squished in with 16,000 others. 

The bands included Neil Young, Nora Jones, Band of Horses, Soundgarden, Tom Jones, Brian Williams (Beach Boys), Florence & the Machine, and Pearl Jam. 

It was pretty cool to see classic singers like Neil Young, Tom Jones and the Beach boys! Chris Cornell even sang with Pearl Jam do "hunger strike" which I didn't think I'd ever see live. 
The whole concert was acoustic so it was a pretty unique experience. 

Florence and the Machine were amazing. Her voice is incredible live. The other favorite of the night was Soundgarden. Chris Cornell's voice was another amazing live performance. 

We were at the concert from 5pm until 1:30 am. It was a long night but it was pretty amazing. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Aubrey's 6th Birthday

Aubrey chose and art themed party this year which I was all for as its a great coed theme!

First we started with painting

Then did some sidewalk chalk

Then they decorated their cookies with edible markers. 

And some face painting. 

We finished with pizza and decorating cupcakes. It was a fun and busy day!