Saturday, June 28, 2014


 I went to Santa Cruz the other night to take some photos for a friend and got a quick few photos of Aubrey.

 This is one of my favorite beaches. It's small so kids can't run far and not too busy.
It's called Natural Bridges.


We've been to Great America quite a few times now and this week Aubrey went twice and once to Gilroy Gardens! We are getting great use out of our season passes!

We went the other day with friends from Aubrey's class and one friend from church:

In their defence, we did tell them everyone had to hold hands.

It was a tiring day.

 She likes to do things backwards.

 Jared's sister and husband came with us one day so he got a chance to go on some big rides. This one looked sickening.

Our pass gets us into Gilroy Gardens which is a really cute kids amusement park set in a garden about 30 mins away from us.

 It's not complete with a ride in the garlic (Gilroy is know for their garlic growing!)

 We went for a car ride in some 50's cars

 They have some very interesting grafted trees here.

Then went for a ride in some 20's cars

 here's another cool tree.

 I think this spinning one actually pushed her limits.

 We watched the Octonauts perform a show.

The last of the cool trees.


 Aubrey just finished 2 week swim lessons. It was a great experience and by day 3 she was swimming on her own!

On the last day, they had to jump in the pool with their clothes on to see what it would be like if they every fell in a pool by accident.


I have to rewind a bit to before school ended which was the first week of June.

The last day of school was a sad one. It was hard to say goodbye to her teacher!

We will miss her!