Sunday, April 22, 2012


A couple of weeks ago we went to the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma which is about an hour away from us. Our zoo passes work at other zoos around the states including this one so we thought we would change the zoo scenery and check this one out. It seemed a little smaller with fewer exhibits and the caged in areas seemed a bit smaller too, but it was fun to check out some different animals that we were use to, here in Seattle.

 There was an aquarium at this zoo as well, which was a nice addition.

 These walruses seemed to know how to entertain the views in the below viewing area and would circle around over an over again to swim right up to the window. Aubrey would lean back every time as she thought it would swim right through the window!

They had a outside theatre with daily shows. They were still on winter hours so they didn't have all the animals they normal talk about and show, but it was still fun to watch.

Aren't these the cutest little monkeys, holding each other!

My own little monkey.

Monday, April 16, 2012


I couldn't fall asleep last night because I was designing more felt shoes in my head! This morning I woke up (early) and made these:
These are all hand-stitched.

A couple days ago I made my first bonnet from this pattern.
 A vintage inspired design.

I like it with the hair clip on it best.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


It seems as though the days that have so much planned in them, are the ones that go on forever!
Yesterday Aubrey and I went to a park, did some shopping, I made a lot of crafts and then finished up at the beach because it was so nice out. We then had to pick Jared up from work, which of course he was late (he never finishes on time) and had to wait outside in the car for him for almost an hour - fun times with a 3.5 year old!
 She likes to sit on our bench by our TV and pretend she's driving in a car. Here she is driving daddy & baby bear to the restaurant. If you ask her where mommy bear is - she says "shopping". She says the big one is daddy bear because he doesn't have any eye lashes - only girls have eye lashes!

 Racing teddy down the slide yesterday.

At the beach she actually took off her shoes and socks and walked on the rocks and sand - quite amazing! It hurt a lot, but she just walked slowly and said "easy, easy, easy".

The crafts I made:
 I made up this pattern for a bonnet from a photo I saw and think it will be great for newborn photos!

 I also made this hair clip that can just clip on the hat if I want to add more. I like having the option of simple still.

 Here it is as just a clip.

 I made a couple more peonies flowers, this time a brown clip.

 and a brown headband.

I came up with this summer sandal. I really like this one - it's a peep toe and sling back heel. I couldn't decide what color bow so I just did one of each for a sample.

Friday, April 13, 2012


I made a few hair accessories today:
 Triple cream rose buds

 Rose Peonies

 Rose Peonies + pearls.
I like to recycle clothing when I can. I bought a blouse that I planned to alter to fit me and never did. I decided to make some peonies out if it instead and now it has much greater purpose!

These snap clips match the little grey + mustard shoes I previously made.

Monday, April 9, 2012


 An Easter candy bribe got me these photos today! Sporting her new dress and headband I made her.

 The evolution of a smile

"Hey mom, I have a bright idea" - I do love her feet!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I made this grey + blue T-strap sandals last night and I love them. Every time I make a pair I think I'll do a slightly different design or flower etc. There are some super cute patterns for sale out there - I might just have to buy a few! But for now I like the challenge of figuring it out myself.
 These sandals are for sale at Aubrey's Closet for $15 plus shipping (US - $2 and CAD - $3.50)

I made this little paper boy hat for a photo prop last night as well. I think it's super cute but the yarn I used is a bit scratchy though and I might have to make a liner for it!

Yesterday Aubrey and I painted some eggs. Aubrey was a little disappointed there wasn't any chocolate in them though.  I blew them out and then we used water colors and let the paint drip down the egg and dry. I think they're pretty. Mine is the one on the left and Aubrey's is on the right.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I've added a couple crochet shoes for sale. I had fun trying to create the pattern for the flower sandal and I can't wait to buy more yarn to make more in different colors!

These white ones are just a standard T-strap bootie pattern.


Easter has come so fast! I realized I needed to make an inexpensive Easter gift for Aubrey so I did a quick search on Pinterest for ideas - and of course I found some.

The first one is a simple crochet basket found here:

The next was this cute little felt bunny goodie bag found here:

I will make some nest cookies and pick up a few candies, goldfish crackers and some small toys or stickers and put them altogether in this:
It was super quick and easy and cheaper then if I bought these two things! I know Aubrey will get a lot of use out of them too as she loves any form of container that she can keep (hoard) her treasures in!