Saturday, April 24, 2010

18 months Old!

Well, I'm a little late. Thursday I brought Jared and Aubrey with me to Beacon Hill Park as I was suppose to take some family photos there. It ended up the clients were able to make it which was sad but also great for us as we had a great morning there! We went to the petting zoo, which Aubrey was a little hesitant of, then we took some photos in the fields. It just so happened that I dressed Aubrey in purple which matched the field perfectly, in fact we all seemed to match! I didn't take any photos of Aubrey on the 21st which is when she turned 18 months so this was a great opportunity! We somehow managed to get this family photo using the stroller as a tripod for the camera! Then we played on the playground and went home. It might have been too much fresh air for Aubrey though, because now she has a cold, more of a raspy voice then anything!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vancouver Temple

All the Wights (well almost we're missing Andrew & Janelle).

We went over to Vancouver last Friday and stayed at the new Fairmont Pacific Rim they just opened before the Olympics. It's really nice and the bathroom was so large that we put Aubrey in a crib in the bathroom! The next day we had breakfast with Bonny and the kids, then we went to Ikea (didn't get much) and headed to the Temple. The Temple was really well done, very nice inside and the chandeliers were beautiful. Afterward we went across the Hwy to visit Jared's Grandma and then we all went out for dinner at Boston Pizza and headed home.

She just cracks me up.

Friday, April 16, 2010

What Aubrey likes to do the very best!

She knows I don't like her climbing up on this chair, so she sneaks onto it and just sits grinning.

Even though she's to big to use the bumbo, it still fits her and she likes using it as a chair on the ground because it's easy to climb into.

Another thing she's too big for but loves climbing in underneath . . .

. . . and then stands up to play peek a boo through the leg holes!

Getting Outside

Does she know how to pose or what? Actually this is the face she makes almost 80% of the time.

Now that the weather is a bit warmer I've been trying to get Aubrey playing outside more. Our backyard is pretty mucky though so I bought her some rain pants, rain jacket and some gum boots which are still a size to big for her - but they don't make size 4 gum boots so I put slippers on her feet first and then put 'em into the gum boot and it seems to be working. It's funny watching her walk around in them though. She doesn't like touching the grass, which is a good and a bad thing. Good because once she falls down and is on her bum, she won't move. She won't touch the grass with her hands so she can't push herself back up or crawl - so she stays put. But I don't want her to be scared of grass so we keep trying. Today she sat in one spot for probably 25 mins. while Jared gathered up all the garden waste to take to them dump.
I don't have time right now to scrapbook any of her photos, so you might see them again later.
I have 2 weddings that I have to edit photos for - that's over 1500 photos.

Monday, April 12, 2010


We left on Sunday at 3pm from Victoria to San Fransisco, it was very windy there and we took extra time waiting to land. The last 20 mins was straight turbulence and everyone was happy to get off the plane. We stayed at Mandalay Bay which is on the south end of the strip, it has over 3000 rooms and was very nice. Brad & Dana had arrived earlier in the day and were at Blue Man Group when we arrived.

This was the back side, it had this smaller pool as well as a larger wave pool and beach side with sand and a lazy river that had current to float along with.

One of my favorite of the very large hotels on the strip - The Venetian. It looks so amazing and so much like Venice.
The inside was just amazing as they made it feel like you were walking along the canals, complete with Gondola rides. They painted the ceiling to make it feel like you are outside.

The Paris Paris hotel was just as amazing with it's Eiffel Tower replica which we went up (did actually go up the real one!) for amazing views:

We watched the fountain shows a few times which started about every 30 mins and was set to music. We also watched it from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

We did a lot of shopping, and walking to see all the big hotels, as well as Freemont Street.
We ate at only one buffet - at Paris Paris which was excellent. We saw a Penn & Teller show which was very good and funny as well as a comedy club.
Our flights home were good but we had over a 2 hour wait at the Vancouver airport just for a 20 mins flight back to Victoria. Sorry there aren't any photos of any people, I don't like posing in front of every main attraction!