Friday, January 9, 2015


I spent most of the day cleaning out Aubrey's room to make room for a crib and to see if everything will fit!

Today we had another ultrasound and double-checked the gender. It's for sure a girl! So now I can start decorating. 

I used my new Cricut to cut out car decals and covered one wall. 

The crib will go along the right side between the rocker and book shelf. 

I feel like I'm going to a doctor every week already even though I have three months to go. I have Gestational Diabetes so besides seeing my doctor I also see a dietician every week or two and get an ultrasound every month. 
I've been on the new diet for two weeks almost and it's going well, it's just hard to have such a timed eating schedule. I'll wait and see at the next ultrasound in three weeks to see if baby is gaining too much wait or if diet change has slowed down the growth. Right now she's only at three pounds but her stomach is in the large side which is most likely from the diabetes. Besides pricking my fingers 4 times a day to check my blood sugar levels I also get weekly progesterone shots in my hip which is supposed to help prevent pre-term labor again. I'm 28 almost 29 weeks so every day I get closer to 32 weeks I start getting nervous wondering if my water is going to break! (Aubrey was born at 32 weeks). 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


We were home for one night and then headed to the city to show Jared's brother around. 

We stayed overnight to get the most time in and not deal with traffic. Aubrey was happy to be back in a hotel. 

Our view:

We finally rode the cable cars. 

Aubrey and I stayed at the hotel for dinner while Jared and Kyle went out in hopes I could rest and Aubrey would go to bed. No such luck. She was pretty wired. After many attempts of getting her to stay in bed, she must have sensed my frustration. She went to the desk and wrote me this note. 

The next day we went to Alcatraz, Aubrey was pretty excited as she had never been. I was impressed that she listened to the whole audio tour and was interested in everything!

She even drew a picture on a postcard that was collected for inmates in other jails. It was a picture of a man in black and white striped clothes. 

Last time we were here the above hospital area was not open so it was nice to see something new. 

Then we went to a lookout over the city that the guys found the night before. 

Then we headed across the Golden Gate bridge. 

It was a nice day. 

After that we headed down hwy 1 to meet up for a bonfire with Nicole & Spencer. 

We stopped at Shark tooth beach to watch the sunset. 

Aubrey and I stayed up top while the guys climbed down to the beach. If you look closely below to the closest water line you will see a dead whale 😞. 

We saw lots of bunnies. 


The second day we spent at California Adventure. It was much less busy and I actually had a place to sit and rest!

There was a whole Frozen Zone and an indoor snow play area complete with sledding. The sad thing is that this was the first time Aubrey's ever sledded in the snow!

Do you want to draw a snowman? The animation center was featuring how to draw Olaf. 

My drawing:

The next day we made our way back home but not without stopping to see the Elephant seals:

Sunday, January 4, 2015


We drove down to Newport Beach with Jared's brother Kyle. We told AUBREY we were just showing him around and taking a little trip. When we got to the hotel we told her we were actually going to Disneyland for the next two days. 

Yesterday we did Disneyland and today we are doing California Adventure. 

After Splash Mountain AUBREY was completely soaked from waist down. 

So I bought her new underwear and used her sweater as a skirt. We tied her pants to the backpack and hoped they would dry but it was too cold and they never did so we bought her pants too. 

It was fun to see everything still decorated for Christmas. Although it was the busiest I've ever seen. 

I did a panoramic photo of this so it morphed Aubrey as she was moving during it. Kind of funny. 

We stayed until dinner time as it was cold and so busy. We decided to eat dinner outside the park and head back to the hotel so Aubrey could go swimming.