Friday, July 20, 2012


Here's a painting I did recently from a photo I took at Ocean Shores

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Today's play group had us picking blueberries at a u-pick farm in Bellevue.
None of us took into account how many mosquitoes would be there and we had a bunch of irritated little kids! We did manage to pick blueberries though. I think I picked just over a pound.

 Is she adding blueberries or taking??

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This past weekend we had the pleasure of my cousin and her two boys visit us! It's always nice to have visitors! I had a wedding to shoot all day Saturday, but we were able to spend some time together on Sunday and Monday. Aubrey LOVED having two friends to play with and she especially adores these two!

 We visited the boat locks Sunday evening.

 She sure loved having someone new read her bead time books!

 On Monday we went to the zoo and spent a good part of the day there.

 That night they met up with us at Golden Gardens where a bunch of people from church had gathered for a bonfire. It was such a pretty night!

Friday, July 13, 2012


I found a lady on craigslist that was selling a lot of dollhouse miniatures and I checked them out today. She had a dining room table FULL of stuff. It was so hard not to buy everything that I liked. I had to picture each of my rooms and think about what I was needing or missing from what I already had. This collection of miniatures was mostly well used, but really old and had a lot of charm.

Here's what I came home with:
 I gathered all my picks together and asked her for a price, she basically gave me all the accessories for free as the whole lot was $40. Some of these tiniest accessories are about $10 each new, nevermind the larger furniture! I think I got a deal! Here's some close ups of some of my favourite items. The things I didn't take a close up of are: baskets, dozen buns, basket of strawberries, ceramic pot with brooms etc. mini bust, ship ornament, toast rack, towels, wind chime, bathroom towel rack, china cabinet, grandfather clock and 2 lamps.

 The next room I'm doing is the library/art room. I love this little ink well and feather!

 Look at this necklace, shoes and doll - all made in England.

 This is what I really came for! desk and chair! Bonus is the lamp, book, newspaper, paper weight and the Bible is a fully printed working book!

 This secretariat even folds down for a desk.

 This might be my favourite thing: A mini dollhouse for a dollhouse!
I've seen a couple tiny ones in the stores, they were just solid wood carved into little houses with not much detail, but this one is a similar style to my house and . . .

It's FULLY functioning! the outside lifts off!

Now I am motivated to get working again on it, now that I have a lot more items for the library to get started on!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


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 I think it's been 3 consecutive days of sun and the forcast looks even better - finally!

 At the wading pool yesterday

 Yesterday, I painted my first abstract style painting. I started out painting a detailed picture and got to frustrated so I slapped white paint over it and tried the opposite.

And last, but not least - I got my new hair today! What do you think? It's a little longer and so much more full. I think it tripled my thickness! (it's clip-in hair extensions).


It started out as just running an errand - I had to take a photo of a park for a poster I was making, so we drove to Woodland Park. Aubrey was pretty disappointed that this "park" didn't have a playground so we went to one that was next to the zoo. Since it was nice and we had no plans, we just continued to the zoo - it's so nice to have passes!
 The first place she wanted to go? The gift shop! I don't think we have actually taken her in there before - I think it was her favorite part!

 That and her baby elephant she's grown fondly off!

 Penguins are one of her favorites too, she likes sitting in this little window and waiting for them to swim by.

Just chillin'


Well, we have been out for a few bike rides so far. Each one leaving me exhausted! It's always great leaving the house and going to our destination, it's just coming home that kills me! There's too many hills that coming home! I'm hoping I'll just get better at it and it won't be such a challenge.
 Our first ride to Smith Cove, just down a little path from our house to the water - I think she liked it!

 Here's the set-up. I'm still getting use to handling the bike with the seat on it - it's so back heavy and tips easy.

 Going for a ride to the beach - last night.

Coming home across the locks.