Friday, July 17, 2020

Pop-up Camper Remodel

With sheltering-in-place and cancellation of summer plans we decided to buy a pop-up camper and do lots of camping! At least we can feel safe staying in our our space and with lots of space from others. We found this 2001 Coleman Tacoma Camper which had been well taken care of. 

Here's what the inside looked like when we bought it:
 It was actually in really great shape...just dated. Then Jared mentioned it would be nice to fix it up a bit...and well, I definitely jumped on it!

So I started with recovering all the cushions with a charcoal, waterproof duck canvas.
I sewed the covers and then when in place I was able to staple the bottom closed like an envelope on to the wood base that were on almost all the cushions. 2 long cushions and 2 small cushions did not have a wood base. I hand sewed the little ones shut and then I used adhesive velcro to shut the other two (I will need to go back and sew the velcro to the fabric for durability).

Then I painted all the wood cabinetry. I just used a indoor/outdoor primer paint in a semi gloss so it's wipe-able. It took 3 coats.

I also painted the fridge with chalk paint
I had help with this one!
At first I taped the beige edges and only painted the door front but the tape didn't work well and I didn't like the finish so I painted the surrounding mount as well and it looks much better.

Next we used peel and stick vinyl wood flooring - this was the longest job.
I also replaced the t-molding around the edges of the counter tops with white instead of brown. I still have some left to replace (waiting for a larger size for the rest).
I also used marble vinyl countertop adhesive paper for the countertops. It was a little tricky to apply without getting bubbles - I wasn't so good at it. But it's a big improvement and is easy to clean.

 Here's the after:
 I replaced the side curtains with white curtains, cut in half from Walmart and gingham curtains for the bunk ends.
 I found these clasps at the hardware store and used leather I already had to make tie backs for all the curtains which are much easier to use then tying bows.
 I found this clip lamp for $7 and I painted it green. It just hangs on a hook and can be easily removed when packed up and just plugs in.

I ordered the leather pulls from Etsy

 A decal I made for the fridge and red tin which holds all our s'mores, hot chocolate and teas.

 I also made decals for the outside. I based the design from the classic Hudson Bay Point Blanket so we nicknamed the trailer "Hudson" a nod to our Canadian origins.