Saturday, November 30, 2013


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It has been a busy fall season of photography. 
I have taken so many newborn and family photos lately but I've also been busy creating new items for my Aubrey's Closet Etsy shop!

 I've made necklaces out of all my doll characters (well, most of them).

 They are coated with a non-toxic coating on wood.

 What little girl wouldn't want a necklace to go along with her doll?

Next, I'm putting together DIY sewing kits for the dolls.
A little package which will include the dolls patterns already printed onto muslin, fabric and accessories to use and instructions. All that's needed is stuffing.


Our last day before heading home we spent at Venice Beach and around LA.

 Santa Monica Pier
 Then we visited the LA Temple

Then we got some dinner and we headed home while Nicole + Spencer stayed for a few more days.


I think Aubrey liked Sea World more than anywhere else! She LOVES killer whales.

On our way back to Newport Beach we stopped at the San Diego Temple.

The next day we went back to San Diego for a flea market and checked out the Mormon Battalion Center.

Then we went to the Coronado beaches.

It looks like there's gold in the sand.


I didn't bring my camera the day we went to Universal Studios - I just didn't want to carry it anymore! Here's what I had on my phone.
 We did the studio tour.

 We met lots of stars

And we watched the Waterworld show which was awesome!

 While in LA we stopped at our favorite dumpling place (they had one in Bellevue) and it was just as good and worth the detour.

 Back at the hotel, enjoying the pool and the fire.


 So the first ride Aubrey went on was Space Mountain - she loved it and and immediately went on it again. I did not go on it at all.
The next ride we all went is Star Tours - why did I go on it?? It was the worst minutes of my life.
After sickness set in, claustrophobia came next! I would have done anything to get out of there if I could. Then we finally got out and my phone was missing from my pocket!
I had to go back, stand in line and when it opened, run in and search before everyone was seated and I got stuck inside again! I found the phone! I think I was sick for the rest of the day.

 Oh man, I love this photo.

 We met up with twins who are in Aubrey's class at school who were there the same days we were.

 Aubrey LOVED all the rides she was tall enough to go on.

 She didn't always love getting wet though.

 We met up with the twins again in California Adventure and watched a Disney Jr. show with them.

 Wet again.

 Seeing the Cars was by far her favorite!

 Yup, my face says it all. I was fine until we hit the bumps.

 Highlight of her trip!

 Back to Disneyland for a little more.

Sitting very patiently while he cut out her silhouette. Best non-cheesy sovereign!