Friday, October 6, 2017


Jared couldn't get any time off this week for Aubrey's fall break so we planned some activities close to home. On Monday we visited the San Francisco zoo for the first time.

Then on Tuesday Aubrey had a friend over. Wednesday we went to the Children's Discovery Museum. Thursday I had to work so they played at a friends house and then we went out for dinner and shopping. Today we started at a new park and then did some more shopping.

Tomorrow we are all going to the Tech Museum.

Friday, September 1, 2017


Harper just started her first ballet/tap class. She was the only student in the class for the first 10-15 mins and she followed instruction very well and seemed to really like tap.

I haven't taken any photos of her in a while, so it was fun to take some ballet photos of her even though it was really hot outside!

 Then I had these little cowboy boots that were starting to get too small for her so we quickly took a few of her in them!

Sunday, August 27, 2017


 I've tried to compile all my photos from camera and phone and Jared's phone so these aren't in much of an order. This is at a reservoir that was so low in water that it was a mud pit. The kids found it very entertaining!

 We were staying at Jared's dad's house in Mountain View. He had a good sized piece of land with trails for quading and the kids to play. Across the street from him is his brother's land which is large with a creek running through it.

 We all went and checked out Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump

 Harper wasn't a fan.

 crabby pants

 I'm not sure how I caught such an unfortunate moment of Harper running - ha!
The combination of bad angle and right when all the little fat on her face was pulled down with running! I thought it was really funny.

 First time with a shot gun.

 She slept in this closet, well mostly in the closet.

 Driving out to Waterton.

 Prince of Whales Hotel

 One morning before the clouds rolled in.

 The kids had their own club in the trees.

 A relative who lives close by has this cow train and took the kids for a ride.

 protecting their ears from the guns.

 Aubrey's first try at shooting.

 First time they fell asleep together. It didn't last long.

 This was a actually a rare site which was nice.

 View of the Prince of Whales Hotel.

 Emerald Bay

 Cameron Falls

 Just one shot of all the good food.

She loved the cats

 They were quite the little gang

 Red Rock Canyon was a highlight!

 We hiked up the canyon through the water quite a ways

 After our time in Mountain View we stayed near Calgary with friends and Jared & Aubrey did a Spartan Race there with friends and family.

 Jared's view of Waterton from Bear's Hump

Playing with friends in Calgary

 Waiting for our delayed flight home. Harper is a copycat