Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day

 Last Friday was a free dress day for Aubrey - both her and I were to dress up for Mother's Day Tea.

 They sang a song and recited a poem for us.

 We sat at their desks and there was a photo of them and a booklet they made for us along with a teapot placemat.

 Aubrey's is the yellow flower in the middle.

 They made us bracelets.

On Sunday I had breakfast in bed and I got these purple orchids.

Along with this booklet from Aubrey. I was to guess which drawing on each page Aubrey drew and Jared drew.

 Just a couple pages.

Here's the booklet she made at school.

 This page was the best. Apparantly I like meat and I'm not sure where the name "hospital" came from!

Cinco de Mayo

We had a little Cinco de Mayo party with friends from Jareds work as well as a surprise visit from his dad and sister for the weekend!

Jared made chilli verde, refried beans, spanish rice and seven layer dip all from scratch - it was excellent!

Also that weekend we went for a little hike together.