Sunday, October 23, 2016


Aubrey's 8th birthday was on Friday and yesterday we had a small tea party.
This will be her last big party for a while - next year might just be a party at the movies (I'm done).

 She invited just a few close friends. We had planned to do it in our backyard but found out just a week before that they were doing landscape work this past week so we had to move it to her friend (Reese's - left) who so generously agreed!

 They started their journey by following the white rabbit down the rabbit hole.

 Where they found a tiny door. They drank little jars of juice which shrunk them down so they were able to fit through the key hole (doggy door)!

 On the other side they were tiny in a giant garden. I didn't have time to run around fast enough to take photos but there were giant flowers on the walls.

 They came to another section with these cookies and when they took one bite, they grew giant and entered into a house full of tiny furniture.

 One more bite of their cookie made them normal again.
They then came upon some signs and the Cheshire cat.

 Finally the came upon the Mad Hatter's tea party and the White Rabbit.


 We had two Alice's
 One Mad Hatter (Madeline Hatter)
 and of course the Queen of Hearts.

 After tea, the visited the Royal Croquet Court for some croquet with flamingos and porcupines.

 After croquet Aubrey opened her gifts.
 Matching mood rings

 A Madeline Hatter doll!
And then they had cake!

 The party favors were these gift boxes and inside was their tea cup and saucer they used, a tea bag, a skeleton key and a butterfly.

The party went by quickly but I think they had fun!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I haven't had a chance to edit and compile my photos from our Maui trip but I just got our family photos that we had taken while there!