Friday, April 29, 2011

I forgot to tell you . . .

The whole time Brad and Dana were visiting here, Aubrey would call her Do-da, when she knew how to say Dana but kept forgetting. Mostly she called her "other mommy" which I thought was the funniest. When she woke up after they had left, she was very sad asking where the friends went.

A few more of Gavin . . .

We watched Gavin while Brad and Dana went on the underground tour while they were here and so of course I had to get in a photo shoot with him while they were gone! I posted one pick, and here's a few more:

365 - happy

 Aubrey modeling her new hair elastics.

Crochet Frenzy

 I made a pair of croc slippers for Aubrey.

 I made another ugly bunny for Aubrey this time and a 2nd monster - cyclops.

Lastly, I made some slippers for me.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hair Clips

Well, actually hair elastics. Now that Aubrey's hair is getting longer I can put her hair in pig tails and I don't have pairs of hair clips. They also don't clip onto the pig tails very well so I made some pairs and attached hair elastics to them and they work much better.


 Walking along the Seattle Center

 Oh these eyes! Brad, Dana and Gavin visited for a few days this weekend.

 I found a crochet pattern for this "ugly doll" and thought it was actually pretty cute.
 It reminded me of Gavin (the teeth) and he went home with it.

 Taken at the Seattle Temple grounds.

Made some more hair clips today.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

365 - Sly

I have left my sewing machine out on the table for the past few days hoping it will motivate me to do any and all sewing I need to do. Every time I turn my back Aubrey is up on the chair playing with it. She's fascinated with it. She puts all kinds of things under the presser foot and has figured out how to lower it. Today she was trying to thread the needle - very persistent and could probably do it with a little practice.


I decided to make some cupcakes for Easter - some for us, some for Visiting Teaching and some for the weekend as Brad, Dana and Gavin are visiting. I used an angel food cake mix (I've never used it for cupcakes before) it makes them a little squishy when eating because it so fluffy, but they were good. Then I iced them with vanilla icing, added some toasted coconut and the eggs.

I found online a cupcake box pattern so I added my own colours and also the VT message along the side of it so I could take a cupcake to each of them.

365 - Catch up...again

I tried to quite again, but decided against it. So here are some for the past missed days:
 I was in the baking mood so I made: chocolate chip, zucchini muffins; peanut butter, oatmeal cookies; and granola bars.

 It's always sad when all the ice cream is gone.

 I already posted this, but I needed another photo for 365!

 This would be a nice view if it were real: fake flowers in front of a fake view - photo.

I like typing QWERTY!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Thirft Find Update

I bought 3 or 4 shirts in my last trip and only one of them fit. The others were too large, but I've found that things don't fit me right off the rack and altering them gives a much better result.
So for this shirt I took in the side seams where it needed it, because it was gathered at the top, it had way too much material, so I just pulled some of the bulk to the sides.

This one I removed the trim on the bottom and shortened it then sewed it back on so that it was more of a balloon style shirt  - this was the best result. It took an older style shirt and made it a bit more modern and a better fit.

This last shirt was too big in the stomach, wasn't fitted at all and the sleeves were too long for me, so I shortened the sleeves, and made 3 seams up the middle of the front and stopped at the bust line so that it gave more shape to the shirt and now it looks way better. I've always hated shopping for clothes, they never fit in the right areas, but now I can look for used clothes (that way if I ruin them trying to alter them, I haven't lost too much money!) with alterations in mind. I suggest this to anyone that has similar problems and can do a basic seam on a sewing machine!

Monday, April 11, 2011

365 - Snoqualmie Falls

We checked out Snoqualmie Falls today. It's about 45 mins away. If you keep going down the I-90 past the Seattle Temple, then you find this amazing waterfall.

more painting

I'm practicing some of the characters I need to paint on the wall, on paper first. I've never really painted anything before, much less on a wall. It's not great, and I have to trace the outlines first to get the proportions right, but I think it will be cute enough for kids! Now I kind of want to paint a big tree on the wall in Aubrey's room - going up the corner behind her bed and then have the tree canopy spread onto the ceiling. I'd then add an owl and some of the other characters from the book I'm taking these from. That way I wouldn't have to do a whole wall. I have leftover brown paint from our walls I can use for the tree, so I might just try it. I'm a little scared though because if it doesn't work out I'll have to paint over it quite a bit to get rid of it.

365 - Silly Face

It seems like the only way I can get her to look at the camera is to ask for a silly face - oh well.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thift Finds this Week

I like thrift store shopping days. Aubrey wakes up from her nap and we head out the door to the thrift shop. I get to shop, she gets to play with all the toys (and with the purel after!) and then we usually go to McDonalds after for some chicken nuggets and play time. Today we went to to shops. One had 50% of red tag items (none of mine had red tags - oh well) and the other had 50% off winter clothes (non of which I bought) but I had a filled punch card so I got 30% off m whole bill, so that was nice.

My finds: A kids dishes, plates set - I already have a tea set and a pot set, but this whole thing was $4 and I know our nursery is looking for better toys and complete sets, so I picked this up partially for them. It came with a drying rack and a hand egg beater and the pots were bigger then the ones I had so I did a little swapping with some of my old stuff and the nursery will still be getting a big set and I get a few new things: win - win. Bigger rain boots for Aubrey, she's almost outgrown hers. A dress, a skirt and a pair of sandals for her. I found some sandals too, a few shirts, a couple plastic tote (I really needed), a vintage little casserole dish, and some toys. I found a lot of books. It seems every time I go I find a new Dr. Seuss book I didn't have. I found the "I am a Bunny" book that we had as kids, that I love, quite a few Little Critter books and some Curious George. I'm pretty good at scanning the shelves for the particular set I'm looking for and I stick to those. An employee was stocking the book shelf as I was there and every handful he put on the shelf, I then picked up and found at least one book I was looking for.

 Mom - I didn't find the Dr. Seuss book you are looking for. I found "Are you my mother", "Put me in the Zoo" (the large version of the little one you gave us) and then the sequel: "New Tricks I Can Do" which I've never  heard of before
Aubrey had to have the toy jigsaw!

365 - Excessories

Aubrey spotted this car from across the parking lot (at Value Village of course - more on that in the next post). The whole thing was covered in beaded jewelry, purses and shoes - of course she liked it!