Thursday, July 10, 2014


Day 6 we spent the whole day at Temple Square.

 We started in the Joseph Smith Building

 Then we went down the street to the Lion/Beehive House

 Then we had to walk three blocks to Crown Burger for lunch. Then back to Temple Square.

Then we went to the Church History Museum

 Next we check out the Assembly Hall (above) and the Tabernacle.

 The Visitors Center

And the Conference Center

On the day we left, we drove by the Draper Temple on our way out of town.
We drove our longest day to Reno - 8.5 hours where we stayed the night before heading home.
We always seem to do way too much in one trip, but it was nice to see so many things and make our time worthwhile!


Day 5 was the 4th of July. Aubrey and I had made her tie-dye t-shirt a week or two before and thought it would be perfect on this day - not only was it red, white & blue but looked a bit like fireworks.

We had planned to wake up early so we could spend as much time at Bryce Canyon before heading to the Salt Lake Valley but our alarm didn't go off so we woke up, jumped in the car and hurried to see as much as we could.

 We ate our breakfast as we saw the views.

The reason we had to hurry on our way was because we had purchased cave tour tickets for Mt. Timpanogus Caves in American Fork for 1:30 pm and we had a 4 hour drive to get there.
We made it just in time and started our 1.5 long climb to the top.

 The entrance to the cave

Then we drove a short 15 minutes to Jared's step-brother's house where we were staying for the next two nights. We had only met them once before so it was so nice to get to know them better!
Aubrey adored their two kids and it was fun for her as well!

That night we went to a neighborhood park where there must have been 100 families setting off their own fireworks. It was like a 2 hour, 360 degree firework show. It was amazing!


We made it St. George with no car problems!
The next day we did the church history stops. First stopping at the Temple.
 St. George Temple

 Next we visited the Tabernacle and then on to see Brigham Young's winter home.

 Can you believe this piano came by horse carriage from New York?


Then we headed for Zion National Park not too far away.
 This is just outside of the park, it's called Kolob Canyon

In Zion's Park we took a shuttle bus through the whole park to the end and then hiked this hour trail to the start of the Narrows.

This was as far as we could go without hiking through the river to see the Narrows.

It was pretty neat to walk through this narrow canyon and see nothing but red rock mountains on either side!

Then we left the park and headed for Bryce Canyon where we were staying for the night. 
It was too dark to see anything there so we would check it out in the morning.

On our way there, we drove through a mile long tunnel through the mountain with only cut out windows for light.

 We also drove through arches like this

When we got to Bryce Canyon I saw this rainbow and had to wake Aubrey up to see it.
A few hours earlier, she was drawing in her journal book (a book where she's suppose to draw things she's seen on different travels) and she drew a rainbow. I told her she's only suppose to draw things she had actually seen. Well, maybe she's just a little psychic!