Sunday, November 10, 2019


Well, I'm definitely behind in sharing photos on here. Mainly because I've been so busy taking and editing everyone else's photos that I have no time for my own and partially because I don't think anyone actually reads this blog! haha

This year for Halloween, the girls managed to dress up in multiple costumes!
For our church trunk or treat, we all dressed up as Toy Story 4 characters and then for school and Halloween night they were different things.
 These were for my Halloween Mini advertisement

I had the girls come along with me to a short family session at a ranch that I love to shoot at. Afterward I tried to get some photos of them there, but Aubrey wasn't a willing participate (even after extensive bribery) so I only got some of Harper. Aubrey did, however, off to take some photos of Harper and I and she did a great job!

For part of our park group we went to a pumpkin patch with the little kids. Harper and I went early and had fun with the place to ourselves and managed to get some photos of her.