Thursday, June 11, 2015


3 Months old

 I took these photos today. She wants to sit up all the time now, but still has a hard time sitting and smiling!

 She's getting tired of sitting up apparantly.

 Not a huge fan of tummy time either.

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Friday, June 5, 2015


It's almost been 3 months, but I'm just getting around to her 2 month shot.


 The last day of school they had a Luau party (well, the second to last day). This was her teacher's last day and since it's when they had a party and brought home all their work, we counted it as her last day and skipped the real last day. Who wants their last day of school with a substitute and no party plans?

 They joined another class and did undersea drawings, a dress up race, feet fishing, bingo and fruit for snack.

 Aubrey and her teacher.

 And her good buddy.

The next day, which was the real last day, we went to the park instead.

And for dinner her choice was In-N-Out.